Creating a tvOS app from scratch

atul khatri
2 min readJul 12, 2021

(Part 2 of 8)

This is the second part of our tvOS Bootcamp. Please check out the previous pages to know more about this series.

These are the steps for creating a new tvOS application:

Open XCode ➔ Go to FileNewProject

Select ‘App’ in tvOS tab & click Next

Provide application name & bundle identifier

Choose Interface ➔ Storyboard & Lifecycle ➔ UIKit App Delegate and click Next

Select the correct application target & simulator and hit Run.

Currently the screen is shown black since there are no UI elements added on it.

Show/Hide Remote:

Press Command + Shift + R to show/hide remote

Remote navigation:

  • Hold Option key and hover top part of the virtual remote to navigate app.
  • Click the top part of the remote to tap/select any UI element.

Note: tvOS applications can co-exist within an iOS project in a different target and both targets can share common files given that these are not using any framework which is not available in both targets.

Let’s continue and learn how to create a tab bar in next tutorial



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